Add-Ons not showing up or refusing to open

When I open a blank project all my add ons showcase and work properly, however when opening a specific existing project half of my add ons don’t show up on the side bar and some that do won’t open.

I tried enabling and disabling the add-ons but it doesn’t work.
Does anyone know how i can fix this?

I did have the same problem, and I have come to the conclusion that the add-on is not compatible with the actual version of Blender.

(:warning: I did not ask like you to anyone, so if you get the answer I would be glad to know it :warning:)

i don’t think that’s the issue, because in a blank empty project the add-ons works fine and it’s all on the same blender version…

ah, sorry, I didn’t read correctly your post, sorry for the dumb answer :sweat:

Can you say what version of blender and what addons? AFAIK if some addons where enabled and i open other blend files the addons are still enabled and only GUI seetings are imported of depending on Load UI enabled or not… this doesn’t include addon enabling…

The addons i have trouble with;
MR Mannequin tools
Real Snow

These are the only ones who don’t show up on my add on bar (N) in an existing project.

Oh and i just read that they also don’t work… weird. Hmm maybe ask on a specific addon thread or even any the original author side? I also heard that some blender included addons seems to don’t work with the latest 2.93…

Luckily i’m almost finished on this blender project so it’s not a big deal perse to get these add-ons working.
I could also copy-paste everything from the existing project into and empty one, that should probably work though maybe my scatterterd grass goes kaput?

Oke all of a sudden my add-ons are back, i guess Blender had a difficult time loading them in?

Okay copying or appending into another file would be my next suggestion… but if it now works… ( sometimes it’s a good idea to just restart blender) … :wink:

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