Add-ons problem on preferance page

When i go to the preference page nothing shows up under the add-ons tab. was wondering if anyone had any idea why?


I’m sorry but I have no idea why. I’ve run into this once or twice with a specific build here and there and the only solution I’ve found is to download another build or more recent build. Anyone who can enlighten us as to why this occurs would be greatly appreciated as I would also like to know.

sometimes user pref hangs on me… easy fix… just go out to your desktop…and come back to user prefs and click on the window … that makes it stop hanging for me.

Thanks for the suggestion stvndysn but that didn’t work.

Never had a problem in the preferences window, but my main Blender window would end up flickering different sections in and out once I held the middle mouse button too long (not really sure what was the trigger).

I fixed the issue by going in the system section of the preferences window and choosing a different “Window Draw Method”. It was set to “Automatic”, I changed it to “Overlap”.

Dunno if it’ll fix your problem, but it’s worth a shot.