Add over alpha problems

when ever i put a face with ADD activated over a face with ALPHA activated, the add is canceled out. Can this be fixed?

I’ve noticed this too, and I don’t think there is a fix for it :mad:

Its a major blender flaw that I believe has never been fixed.

Is there any way around that, or to fake an add texture?

EDIT: placing alphas over each other causes the back texture to show through. Try it wit trees, you’ll see what i mean. ANNOYING!!!

THATS IT!!! I OFFICIALLY HATE ALPHA TEXTURES!!! You look at a tree, and you see through it to the next tree! I advise everyone here never to use Alpha!!! GRRRRRRARARARGH!!!:mad::mad::mad::ba::mad:

I know what you mean, but if you are using something like a tree texture you can use z-transparency, in the materials tab, make sure to turn off the alpha texturing though.

This is probably because blender GE does not support alpha sorting. (I think that the internal renderer doesn’t support it either which is pretty ridiculous) This is probably because erwin didn’t want to waste his time doing messy alpha sorting code. Alpha sorting isn’t an easy thing to solve for realtime applications ya know ;).


Even commercial game engines have problems like that. I’ve seen lots of weird artefacts through the bushes and trees where there was multiple alpha layers, in Morrowind and even in Oblivion (2 versions of the expensive NetImmerse engine, FYI).

Ok, it’s annoying, and it would be great if someone could fix this. No need to get irritated like that, this won’t get you anything besides a monster headache :smiley:

Sorry about the hole mad thing. My game looks 10x better with the texture trees ( i first used cones:p). i’m going to try and make a tree out of a series of planes and see if that works. “IF” i can get a pretty good looking tree made, it’ll post it here for you guys to use! Only if it’s good though…