add own made meshes

Is it possible to add a mesh like a trouser or a head or something else that I made before.
To model a new character.
How do I do that and is this also possible with a rig.

You can append objects from other .blend files with Shift+F1 or File -> Append.

Thanks that will do.

Do I have to make it visible or something I do not see it after Shift+F1
Sorry I did Shift + F1 - and choose a mesh instead of a object.

This worked for me too, thanks!

However, I was wondering…

I have some downlight fixture meshes that I’m trying to append into another ceiling drawing, and they’re made with two objects which have (relational) positions that “interact with each other”.

(ie- One object is a bulb, one object is the fixture, and they need to stay in positions that are relative to each other while positioning them in the ceiling)

Currently, I have to import them individually, and then “do the math” to get them both into position, individually, and since some of the ceilings have like 24 lights in them, it becomes quite a task.

Is there a way to link the two together “positionally” without having them use the same material?

I want to append them as a single object, rather than two, but still using the two different material settings.

In case my question hasn’t set-up newbie alarms all over the site, I’m very new to Blender, but experienced with AutoCAD 3d. I’ll need the specific “steps” if possible, because I’m not used to the Blender lingo, which makes using the search function a nightmare.

(ie- there’s a parent/child relationship thing, right? Or some kind of object tree grouping? I’m not sure if that those would be just for animation, or not?

I’m guessing that using the boolean “union” would be bad because it would force them to use the same material, assuming it’s anything like “union” in AutoCAD).

If they are both ‘in position’ in the same file, select them both with right click and they should append relative to each other.

Joining them together before appending will retain the two materials, so no problem with that.

Thanks! Worked like a charm.

I used the Join command and right-clicked on both “objects” when I appended them.

A nice little bonus was that the Downlight Blend file had only the can, the bulb, and a lightsource in it. So by clicking all three, I had a self-contained lighting unit, though I had to use the Copy --> Location command on the lamp (spotlight) because it didn’t seem to want to join correctly, but that’s a small price to pay, since that’s a big chunk of the type of renderings I’m doing, and I hated trying to record settings all over the place.

Thanks again,