Add points to a circle....

I guess this is either really easy or not easy ie PITA)…

I have created a model which has a few extruded circles - now firther down the line the lack of vertices is having undesired results at render. Don’t want to use subsurf to clean up as it doesn’t have the effect I’m after.
Can more points be added but keeping with the circle outling - I could subdivide but I then need to manually adjust each new set of vertices in line with the circle…

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

How do you enable the bounding box when using subsurfs?

You could try to Subdivide and then use “Smooth”. It averages the vertices in a way that might round everything out again.

BY bounding box, you mean the real Bounding Box? Just go to the “Display” menu at the bottom of the 3D view and select bounding box.

If by bounding box, you mean un-divided cage, just go into edit mode in Solid, Shaded or Textured display. The cage will show as the editable object, with the subsurface hovering inside.

  1. select only the circle verts
  2. shift-s cursor to selecttion
  3. subdivide
  4. then do a “To Sphere” in the mesh tools (or shift-ctrl-s 1 enter)


yea after you subdivide the circle just use the To Sphere tool, it puts each vert equi distance from ur 3d cursor. So that means you need to snap the cursor to selection.

That was too easy! (I recreated the original with more geometry doh!)
Just getting the hang of subdivide - can do some strange stuff sometimes :slight_smile:

Thanks guys