Add: Primatives - weird results

Hi all

I’m rather new to blender and these forums. I have been working on switching to blender from maya to drop production costs on future projects. I installed and have been using blender 2.48a on my Mac Pro with my 3Dconnexion Space Navigator.

As my scene has grown I have wanted to add a few new polygon primatives to box model new objects from. When I use the add comand and select a polygon cube I get a cube in my hieracy but nothing shows up in the scene view. If I use my space navigator to try move about the scene it flys way off and I’m left with a compleatly grey scene view. Pressing the home key on my keybard with the cube selected also causes this efect.

I have tryed downloading a fresh copy of Blender and I get the same efect. I have looked through my library folder in OS X to try find any preferences or other blender setting that the new version of blender could be re-usig from the old one (and thus have the same problem)

I’m a little at a loss at what to do, any ideas would be greatly apritiated, thanks! - Jeff

Set up:
Mac Pro
OS X 10.5.6
Blender 2.48a with Space navigator scripts (old copy)
Blender 2.48a fresh install not at all modified (new copy)

Hmmm that’s weird.
Have you tried switching to/ from isometric view with Keypad 5 ?
Or increasing the clip distance of the view port in the view properties panel ? (View menu)

Have you toggled the layer on wich the object is situated ?

You can also select the invisible object in the oputliner and specify its location in the transformation panel (Press N in viewport)

Can you see the 3D cursor (red-and-white cross-hair)?
When you add a new object, it should be created at the location of the cursor.

If you can’t see it, first thing to do is hit the Ckey to center the view on the cursor. This should also show you where your object(s) is.

Next, you’ll want to select the object, so you don’t lose it again. (Blender uses right mouse button, RMB, for selection by default).

Then, center the cursor back at 0,0,0 coordinates by hitting Shift+Ckey.

Shift+SKey brings up the Snap menu, select “Selected to Cursor.” This will put the cube object back at the center, where the cursor is.

Then, hit the Ckey again to center your view on the cursor. You should now see your object, the cursor, and some combination of green, red or blue lines on the grid indicating that you’re looking at “the center of the world.” If there are no colored grid lines, you’ll at least see the “grid floor.”

I don’t know anything about a space navigator, so I can’t help you with that. But it’ll probably be helpful to look for info regarding view navigation in Blender.

Oh yes it was the 3D cursor, thanks for the help. I had long forgotten about the 3D cursor as its a completely foreign concept to me (maya has nothing like it), and since it was out of sight it was out of mind. Thanks for the help, I’m realy enjoying blender, its so fast! - Jeff