Add random vertex colors (to create variation leaves for example)


I separated some functionality from my floor board generator that is more generally useful: a tiny addon that creates random vertex colors for individual faces. One of its use cases is to add some variation in the color or reflective properties for leaves that are generated by ivyGen or my Space Tree addon. Both addons generate a single mesh object that contains all the leaves where each leaf is a single face. Separating thousands of leaves into individual objects just to use Cycles’ per object random number generator is tedious so I thought a better way was to create random vertex colors that can be accessed from a Cycles Attribute node and used to drive for example a hue/saturation node.

I’ve documented it in this blog article (including download instructions)


– Michel

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Extreme usefull. I want to add some color variation in my plants and this addon helped me alot.

Thanks:eyebrowlift2: works fine .

Tip for with cycles

Is this script still working for Blender 2.8 Beta ?

Can someone update this script so that it works with blender 2.8 ?

done, please check here

(right click to download, don’t forget to uninstall previous version. It is NOT backward compatible with pre 2.80 versions)


Works fine with the new update .
Another question : can you maybe update the other script random color to connected vertices for blender 2.8 if you have time for it :smiley: