Add Shader Bias Test

When making materials for different objects in projects, I sometimes find myself unhappy that the “Add Shader” cannot add to certain degrees. Since blender had no features for this, I decided to make my own. It has mixing abilities to add only to certain degrees, so that’s useful. the two shaders being used are the Diffuse shader and the Translucence shader. Here are some test shots for it.

The original shaders added plainly

The Add Shader Bias with the Diffuse Bias set to 1

The Add Shader Bias with the Translucence Bias set to 1
Here’s the blend:
Have fun!

Here’s some more test shots and an updated version.
The updated version now has two shader inputs instead of the shaders being in the group.
Add_Shader_Bias.blend (575 KB)

Trans Bias set to 0.5

Diffuse Bias set to 0.5

Why not just do this?

Wow, that’s a much simpler solution. I really didn’t know why I did it the way I did, except that I couldn’t figure that way out.

this is a nodegroup I use for blending in added shaders. I only have a factor tied to the bottom input to mirror the function of the math node.

Yeah, that would work too.