Add "show/hide overlay" to the Pie Menu

I need help to add “show/hide overlay” to the pie menu.
I use Blender’s “3D viewport pie menu” addon, and the “Shading Pie” (shortcut Z) has two free slots where you can insert “show overlay” and “hide overlay”… but I have absolutely no idea how to do it!
Some kind soul can help me? :pray:

I use Blender 3.0 on iMac M1, and I tried to add the command to the “Quick Favorites” menu, but it doesn’t appear even if it is considered added … A bug of Blender because in 2.93.4 it works!
Anyway … it is an opportunity to learn a bit of Python, maybe it useful in the future!


You could just tick this checkbox to get toggle overlay in the shading pie menu. You may have to disable the shading pie in the 3D viewport pie menu add on for it to work.

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Easier than I thought, now it works! :smiley: