Add Signature?

How do I add a signature?

At the top – it says “settings” Click on it. Over on the left, click “edit signature”

I don’t see the word ‘Signature’ anywhere, I even used CTRL + F to look for it. Is it through some sort of secondary link?

After clicking :“settings” you get to this screen… see the left circled area

Found it since, guess I was blind. Lol

Aparently that option is only available after a user has made so many posts.
It certainly is not visible in my Settings.

Yup, just found that in another thread…

Signatures can contain spam links. See point 4

I see the part that says …

Limited Rights on new users. - These restriction apply to prevent spam and bot attacks

But nowhere does it mention that signatures themselves are part of the restriction.
Only a definition of what the forum defines as a ‘new user’, and that URLs in new user’s posts are restricted.

I will assume that it means no {url}links{/url} type links in new posts, becasue some of my posts contain generic urls and were not blocked.

Signatures -can- contain such links, but I dont think its a requirement. :slight_smile:

The restriction is to stop spamming. Signatures can and currently are a source of regular spamming in this forum so I’m assuming that’s a restriction as well even if it doesn’t explicitly say so. Seeing as you have less than 10 posts and you can’t add a signature this sounds like a reasonable assumption. it since, guess I was blind. Lol

I can edit and add my signature, but it doesn’t shows in the posts, only in my profile.
It is disabled or there is a bug/problem?
Edit: it seems it is only aded for new post! My bad, Sorry for that.

You have to select “show your signature” (small checkbox bottom left) when you write a post or start a thread