Add snap angles to knife tools


I need add some snap angles to knife tool… then You should modify editmesh_knife.c and/or editmesh_knife_project.c (see attach files)

principal angle that I need is 22.5 and of course others like 67.5 112.5 157.5 etc

please tell me your budget and time that you need

really thanks


:evilgrin:knife (24.5 KB)


may be the best solution is with a diferent tool or addon… please you take the final decision



i don’t know if that is possible, but instead you could just use a single Edge and just Knife Project onto the Plane you are working on. in orthographic view and viewport of the top (numpad 7) you can then simply rotate by any degree you need. just type them in after you hit the R-Key. (for example: R->157.5->Enter)

Knife Project. Wow so wow. I’m checking it in python.

hi, yes that is a good solution but isn’t the best… knife tool should be have this option in order to be accuarate.