Add support for particles into UPBGE

We should be able to have support for particles in UPBGE so we can make our own systems and effects without the need for objects. It would require an overhaul of the current particle system I think. Currently, there is only support for basic white dot particles in use viewport display, and this is not enough.

currently, the UPBGE particle system is used for animation and cinematic effects outside the game, it will not be significantly redone in the near future for a simple reason - it is very expensive and not done quickly, the only thing you can do is simulate the particle system using billboard planes and textures for effects and you will either have to look for addons with a particle system, or write your own

“Particle” objects in 0.3+ cannot move due to a bug unless set to dynamic or rigid body. Hopefully this gets fixed somewhat soon, as many elements (like water vapour or fire) need static physics settings to avoid gravity when moving.