Add Surface Shortcut Grease Pencil

Hey there !

This is a bit mind baffling for me: As it seems you have to add surfaces quite regularly(?) when retopologizing with the grease pencil, but I cant find a shortcut for the “Add Surface” function neither via google nor in the Input Preferences…

Is there a possibility to set a shortcut for it ?

Thanks !

Are you talking about adding surface with Bsurface? If so there isn’t a shortcut for that you may be want to ask for a feature here

You can RMB on a button to add a shortcut

goddammit ! thx erick for thinking ahead… Yes, I forgot to mention that Im talking about Bsurfaces, of course :slight_smile:

and thx Richard Marklew for solving the problem !

Im impressed over how elegantly this is actually solved in Blender.