Add Tab to Properties Editor

Hi everyone. I was wondering if there was a way to add a Tab to the Properties Editor so I can house my own custom tools in it? I have searched high and low, and can not find anything on doing that. I tried edit source on the tabs, but that did not really get me anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.

one way would be to modify the script for that UI part
but then would need to keep a copy somewhere else
r on next version install it would be loss!

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I did some looking ,but had no luck. If you right click and hit “edit source”, you will see that the property has expand=true and icon_only=true. I set both to false and found out it’s a enum property. If you can find where that enum property is created, you might could add more options to it. More than likely, this prolly can’t be done with python and you would have to edit source code. If you end up figuring this out, would be cool to know what you did.

This would be really cool if they could natively add it to blender. You could just click to add a new custom tab and then add whatever you want to it. obviously, not all things are usable at all times by all objects so for example if you put rigid body controls in your custom panel but the item you have selected isn’ part of the rigid body world then that are in your panel would have to either be grayed out or hidden from view.

Anyways it could really speed things up. no longer do you have to go searching for things in different area if all the main stuff you uses was put in your own panel. Plus things that are small but maybe you commonly forget to use like clicking motion blur or denoising for me could be put at the top of that panel. that way its right in front of me and i don’t forget.

so yea, no idea how hard that is to implement but it should totally become an actual feature.

without adding new tab
you can add your own script in any propertie panel!

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