Add texture in Blender 2.61

Hey guys,
I can’t really find any tutorial on adding texture to an object in Blender 2.61…

How is it done? :slight_smile:

you must not have used a search engine because there are SO many tutorials out there.
These are good:

also, start with 2.5 for your search criteria, not 2.61.

But I’ve been through all of the beginner tutorials on cgcookie… which one is with texture? :slight_smile:

sorry, I guess that Materials one didn’t have texture after all.
check all the related pages on texturing.
Select the material you want to add the texture to, then click the Texture button right next to it. The select one of the types of textures, procedural or image/movie. load up the file if needed and then check the mapping to your desired type.

Lots of information and tutorials

oh those look great.

That one was really great! Oh my god, thanks a lot… :slight_smile: it was really easy to add texture to an object… and he also explains it very nice. Thank you again. :slight_smile: