Add textures to Blender model required

I´m looking for a blender 2.6x artist/modeler to add textures to a model. I need the character texturized. This is for a game but I´m not playing games, so only serious artists must apply.

The input will be a character model in .blend format.
The output will be the model texturized in blend format and textures. If you need to do any modification to improve the model’s seams you should return these modifications in the .blend file.
The model is very simple and the result we are looking for is very basic. This should be a 2-4 hours from somebody that knows how to do it.

  • You should be able to chat to move on very quickly. If you can´t chat or your communications are slow please don´t bid.
  • If you are looking for fast money and run away please don´t bid. I need to establish a long relationship, because I have a lot of work modeling and texturing models.
  • I prefer individuals, if you are member of a group or company please don´t bid.
  • Only bidders of America this time, I need somebody from a similar timezone (America is a continent, from Canada to Argentina and Chile, no only US).
  • I want to see your previous works.
  • If you speak spanish that will be a plus.

The project will be handled here:

I´m ready to answer any questions.

hello, how are you?
not quite understand your proposal if you can be more specific, I can help.
tambien hablo español.

you should specify which kind of texures. Realistic,toony,gritty,clean…

anyway I would like to apply but being a european automaticly bans me from applying,I guess.

Good point. It should be cartoonist, something like wow or wizard101 style.

That restriction is officially removed :yes:

Wow, a budget of $30 for 2-4 hours of work, unbelievable…

Why? If you’re a Harvard lawyer working in New York, yes, your rate is $500/hour. But if you are a freelancer working on getafreelance your rate must be $30/hour. So, again, why is unbelievable??