Add Textures

Im trying to follow a guy on youtube, at 33:39 he adding texture on an object difrently how i learned so far… im using 2.8 and cant figure out how i can do it in simular way.

link to video:

Indeed, I think you would easily find much more “actual” tutorials…

Whatever, what he is basically doing is :

  • Adding Texture Image and using as diffuse color
  • Using UVs for mapping
  • Fitting UV scale
  • Adding Texture Image as Normal Map

The “common” way to do it on 2.8 would be this node structure :

When he is changing UV scale, you can do it in the scale column of the Mapping node

Does it answer your question ?

See you :slight_smile: ++

Yes thank you. That is the way ive learned how to add textures and modfiy it. Thank you :slight_smile:
I just wondered how to do this like he did without open the Shader Editor.

Also look at the printscreen and please explain why the Texture does not change when im using the “Repeat” on the X axis.

sorry for my noobish questions, but if i dont ask i wont learn :slight_smile:


Ok. I would say : Why trying to do “like he did” ? It’s Blender Internal, it does not even exists anymore on 2.8, so … Yes, lot of things have changed ^^

Hum… I never use this “integer” repeat tool. I prefer using the scale param in the Mapping node
At least it can be float :slight_smile:

No Problem :slight_smile:

See you :slight_smile: ++

Ok, thanks allot for answering my questions :slight_smile:
I am really gratefull.
My interest of 3D modelling have increased allot since i start learning blender and i found it a great way to express my cretive ability.

One thing that i miss most when im following a tutorial is “why”…
why does the “node” do that. “why” does it look diffrent when you do it that way with that node, etc etc.
In short: lack of information.

In the most tutorial where it says “Blender for Beginners” People do a great job making their videos, they compile the nodes, add some other nodes and “valaaa” its a good looking thing… ofcourse i can follow this but i want the deep fact “How” and “Why”
Ive found some people do this but there are few. If you have any tip to give me so please share it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: