Add to Directory Presets?


Just wondering if there’s any way to add to the list of quick directories in the open dialog/window; the one with the little up/down arrow button. It usually only contains my last dir and the ones on the system drive where the program itself is, which I never use, and it would be handy to put various library and project directories there.

Didn’t see anything useful in the wiki.

Thanks :slight_smile:

On Ubuntu if you set a shortcut icon on your desktop, you can specify if you want the application to be launched from within a console, but also the working directory. This way you could add one quick directory to Blender, I guess, but I don’t use it this way myself with Blender (I do it with Sunflow, though). Not much, but it’s already one custom directory. Of course, I don’t know how to deal with this in Windows or others, but I guess that there are similar solutions too…

Un, there is a Start In This Working Directory that affects what the program gets when it tries to work on the current path. That could be handy to set to my /home/workbench/blender root so I don’t end up looking somewhere random …

That seems to be useful. Thanks :slight_smile:

cheers! :slight_smile: