Add transparency to certain faces of one uv map

I am wanting to make the webbing of the wings a bit transparent, but the issue is that the arms and fingers of the wings are on the same uv map. Is there a way to select the faces I wish to add transparency to while not making the entire wing/uv map transparent?

First thing that comes to mind is something like; separate UV->xyz, if x>0.5 then do the transparency part.

I am maxed out on the number of uv maps for this object/character.

Or is that a node?

These are the images that i have for my wings, while the one on the right has the arms and fingers in it for the uv map. Both wings are there, just overlapped so I could get better resolution and match the painting. I want to make the webbing just a little transparent so I can see the veins and scars more visible.

To be honest, I don’t even know if my node tree is set up properly or efficient.

You don’t need to change the UV map…the quick and dirty way would be in edit mode select the areas of the webbing you want translucent, and in the shader area…add a new material and assign it…now you can use the original material as a standalone and add the translucency to it…

Thank you. I will try that when I get the chance.

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That is exactly what I was trying to do. Thank you.

You could clone the UV map, select the faces you want affected and move them out of that UV map’s main area. If moved left of the area, you could separate UV of that map and check if x is less than 0. Painting a mask map would also be a way. Sometimes I want gradual changes you can’t do with separate materials, or across geometry that is not (and can’t be) supported by the topology.