Add White Background to Scene Without Lighting Scene

So here’s my scene:

I’m currently using an HDRI to provide 100% of the lighting for the scene, but it’s not giving me the results that I want. I’d like for the scene background to be flat white, but not provide any actual light, and then just use “synthetic” lighting via some area lights outside the windows.

What I can’t figure out is how to make my world background white, but not have that color actually provide light to my scene. If I make my work background pitch black, I’m able to get the interior lighting that I’m looking for, but I don’t want the world background to be black, I want it to be white.

Can someone tell me what I’m missing here?

You can use “Is Camera Ray” output of the Light Path Node. See below for an example setup:

The scene above is lit by the environment texture but camera sees it as red.

Check this video to understand light path node better:

Also, if you’re going that wide with the camera, make it level to straighten the lines and utilize some camera shift instead if needed. If you need to emphasize the angles, do it with a little bit of fisheye instead. Tilted rectinlinear shots are at least not my fancy.

Awesome, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Yeah, that’s just my viewport camera, the only reason I have it so wide is so I can see more of the scene at once (it’s a relatively small space). I’ll get into composition once I have the lighting correct.