Add wieght to an object

Ok so i was wondering if it was even possible to give an object weight in blender.

For example if i were to make a simulation of a zip line, and i wanted to see the effects of a 60 pound kid vs the effect of a 200 pound adult.
And how would i be able to compare blender units of weight to real world units?

you could use BGE

or with cloth simulation you can sort of specify a weight effect !

don’t know check out he wiki page on this


Do understand that if you let 60 lb kid and 200 lb adult jump off a cliff they both fall at the same rate.

Ya but there is still a difference in how much the cable pulls down (you don’t make the cable straight and tight, you make it drag a little so they slow down) which effects there speed, so there is a diffrence.
and anyway that was just an example, not the main point of the question