Added a .WAV, rendered as FFMPEG, no sound

I opened a blender file. I added a WAV file, then set up the output to be FFMPEG with sound. When I rendered the animation, I ended up with a file that has no sound.

Can anyone tell me what mistake I might have made?

Did you press “Multiplex audio” in the audio tab’s settings?

Yes, and I still don’t have sound.

does the codec support auido interlacing?

Okay, I did find some internet reference that says I should hit the “Do Sequence” button in order to get the animation to have sound with ffmpeg.

However, when I do that, on both a linux and WinXP box, the animation just either locks up or goes ridiculously fast and presents me with a black screen. “Do Sequence” unhiglighted, meanwhile I get the scene I created but no sound in the file.

I have so far tried both MPEG-I and Quicktime, same behavior in both.

Okay, The proper place to attach the audio file (WAV) is in the aptly named “Video Sequencer”, not the “Audio Window”. The process wasn’t so crazy once I figured that out.

And “Do Sequence” should not be used.

I’ll write up a tutorial on it some day.

I believe you have to use ‘Do Sequence’ to get the output from the Video Sequence Editor - because that is where your audio file has been placed.

nah, you just have to put audio in the sequencer and hit “multiplex audio” in the ffmpeg settings (and get a good codec that works)

:slight_smile: I’ve tried it, it works :smiley: