added objekts animation

hello , I have a big problem!, I have ben making a multiplayer script that every time an new player comes online adding an cube and let this represent the player. the big problem for now is that the cubes that i att won’t play their animations. so my question is:
How can I make the added cubes animation to work, and is this even posible?

this metods are the on that i tryed:

  1. sending an number that is added to an prob on the newly added cube, and let this prob control the animation - this don’t seem to work, or maby i’m doing it on the wrong way when I try to chang an added objects prop

  2. making an script that measure the distance to to an static object, and let this script run the animation when the dist is changed (supose to work on walking animations), but it seems like the script only do measure the distance from the original object, and not the newly added one

For a network system, you need 2 instances o the same object: the client’s and the server’s
For the client object, you need to setup your animations in a way they can be converted into data. The use of properties is appropriate here. There are various ways to accomplish that:

Send animation order: this works better with loop animations. Every time the client presses a key, a “walk” message is sent to the server. The message can be a single string, like “w” and on reception, the server will play that animation

Send frame: for non linear animations. If you have complex animations, then is better to control them via properties. Fortunately, our developers though of that and included properties as options in the action actuator, so you can choose the animation to control or to be controlled by a property. Then the client controls the property, but the server is controlled by the property!

It’s all a matter of design. When designing your network setup, you need to plan these things ahead!

I’m alredy know about all the things you just told me, an i had a plan, but it diden’t work like it where supose to do, when i add an objekt, the game creats an copy of that objekt, but scripts aplyed to the objekt don’t seem to work on the newly created objekt and do only aplye on the standard objekt, how chan i change this? it is like the game is making a copy of the objekt, but not on the logic’s aplyed to it - seems like the logic is only linked or something from the first objekt.

This sounds like a basic mistake in the logic. I suggest to post a demo blend.

If you describe what should happen when, I’m pretty sure we can provide one or more solutions.

From wild guessing I recommend to read this thread:referencing added objects

Thanks for the help!, I solvet the problem by applying my script to an static object and then target the added obj whitin the script

works fine now