added skin miss a corner.

Hoi started a new learning project. ive added my base now want to add skin. But its missing the left corner, Also under that corner is a broken circle in light pink. I dont know what that is. Can anyone tell me how to correct the corner and what that circle is.

Blend file.

creature with image 2 hook is missing.blend (432 KB)

The root of the Skin modifier has a lot of influence on the generated skin, so in the case of your object, select that vertice and press “Mark Root” to move the root on it instead of where it is currently, it will fix your problem

What Sanctuary said ^^ ! I would also recommend pressing Control-R and creating a cut right in the center between the two points that are furthest away from each other and making that point the root (where the origin point is). That way your root is in the center of your mesh if you were creating a creature or something and using symmetry to make the other pieces the arms/legs.