Addiction Bots

An addiction is only as strong as you make it.

Cycles Render
Rendered in 50 Samples:

Cycles Render
Rendered in 500 Samples:

Cycles Render:
Rendered in 350 Samples

Edit: Render 2: I fixed a lighting bug and the TV screens have a kind of a “Low-res” look to them like a TV screen.

Edit: Render 3: I tried adding noise to the screens as suggested but I couldn’t get it to work properly, I did how ever fix the lighting to give a darker/creepier look to it.

Would enjoy some feedback on this please :wink:

Man I have the worst luck when it comes to feedback on this forum…

Never fear! Your project has been seen!
And a great job, too! I love it when an artist uses their artwork to convey a strong message they want people to know, and addiction is an important topic.
But if you’re after feedback, then I would suggest posting this in the “Focused Critique” section.
Overall, I think it’s pretty finished looking, but I personally would add some “fresnel” to the reflections. Rarely are reflective materials 100% reflective, so it would be more realistic if you were to adjust some of the reflection settings.
Is this rendered in Cycles? If not it could be, and you could reference Blenderguru’s cycles materials tutorial for help in making some great textures.
Great work, keep it up. And continue to integrate meaning and message.

Well thank you for the feedback, yes it is rendered in cycles, I used a Glossy BSDF for the reflection on the material so I will try to make the reflection not so reflective, I should probably also set up the material on the cords hooked up to the TV screen to look a bit better. I may also make one or two of the bots have a “strong” look to them to go more with the message of “An addiction is only as strong as you make it”.

Just edited the new render into the first post

Would enjoy some feedback :wink:

I really like this concept! Just an idea, maybe you can add some noise to the screen´s pictures, this way´ll look more like a proyection. Also what about making the room a bit darker with a single strong ligth in the top? It may give a certain awkward feeling. Once again, excellent concept

I attempted to put noise on the screens but couldn’t get it to work, I need to learn Cycles a little more, I did put up the new Render and made the room darker with a emission planes creating an ominous feeling to it.

Thanks for the Feedback.