ADDiDi - a sketchbook C'n'C welcome


Helllo, many great artists, in here.
Im starting this sketchbook, been on blender since only a week. :o
Glad to share

Welcome to Blender! And Welcome to Blender Artists forum! Nice start, keep it up!:wink:

Well this is an improvement! Are you making the character game ready?

An illustration work in progress. Trying to rebuild an old 80’ style time travel room! Any ideas?

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Oof that 2 year bump.

You could add some movie posters in there, or a hoverboard from back to the future.

yes! :space_invader: Took an off year, to study programming. Now i start 3d, back! thanks 4 the idea-s.

a gardener, character. Modeled blender + gimp for textures.

Here i was trying to sculpt a bit, some wrinkles on an old woman head!
Not quite sure if realistic, though.

I’m in a process of modeling a kind of …monster… start
here is the first of all start

wipped is moved on!


i’m trying to rig it, now!

wip is moving on

Hi, a wip of illustration ,
just the mod and a few materials, in progress

i want to mod some more on that, and then find the right angle, and mood.

That same scene , going on (now tried on eevee-render) … Not very easy! I’m trying to add fog/smoke or something like that but i can’t seem to get how!