addind text to mesh objects in 2.49

Hi I’m newbie in blender, I need to add numbers to different faces of the cube, I was trying with space>add>text; after that I tried to type “1”, “2” or any other character but i can’t, in fact, some menu options are displayed; also I tried to scale the control but only I get a line expanding horizontally, my question is:

what is the way to add text in blender?
can I use any font?


um i think u when you press space>add> text that brings you text then u need to press Tab to go to Edit mode. and thats when u can add the text e.g 1,2,3

and i think what you mean by if that it only moves horizontal like its 2D only? well in the menu you have to give a value for extrude, it should be 0. check under object Data>under geometry settings i think (thats how its on 2.5)

if u still need help just let me know, im having trouble installing 2.49b right now but if you need help i can go on my other computer and snap shot it

may not be the best reply but im kinda new too and let me know if you n]eed more help :smiley: