Adding 3D objects after camera tracking with Voodoo

I’ve been experimenting with the Voodoo Camera Tracker for a few days now, it works perfectly. However, I’m still having trouble with adding 3D to the tracked scene. I don’t really know how to do this, and how to keep the 3D objects in the right place.

Here’s an example of what I mean:
(sorry for the crappy host, I don’t know where to put it else)

The plane is at the right place in the first frame but after that it isn’t anymore. Is there a technique or something to add 3D objects to tracked footage?

I found a page where they (I think) do what I mean:
I especially mean this screenshot:
In the viewport window you see that this guy made something around the desk, so that it is matched with the camera.

I haven’t used Voodoo, but these pages describe how to use Icarus and includes links to the program as well as a Blender import script that marks the camera postions /object postions in your blender file. You might be able to adapt the script, or search the forums/google for “Python Voodoo script”, might already exist somewhere.


Unfortunately I’m running Linux so I can’t use Icarus. I already tried to run it on Wine (a program on Linux to run Windows apps) but it didn’t work very well.

For some reason, this link does not work !?

I would like to help You because I am also interested in the Voodoo tracker.

Do You have another link for Your AVI ?
Here’s another link :slight_smile: