Adding a .blend file to project

Is there a way to add a .blend file to another .blend file? In this case I’m want to add a staircase into a building. Both different projects. I’m thinking library linking? It’s got me stumped.

You can click on File -> Append
Then in the browser that appears select the .blend that contains the object(s) you want to add to your current blend.
A list will appear, click on “Object” then select the object(s) you want to add in your current scene and finally click on “Link/Append from Library” .
The objects from the other blend will now be in your current blend too.


You can also select the option ‘Link’ and ‘instance groups’.

That way the object / group will automatically appear in your current .blend file without you having to go to the object panel -> groups -> select group

Thanks! That seems to have done it :slight_smile: