adding a bulge to a face

hiya Everyone
im trying to add a fairly even bulge to this surface
does anyone have any Ideas
i’ve read things abould the lattice modifier
dunno how to use it but would it work?

thx heaps


What you have there is a massive n-gon, a face defined by many many edges, and it’s almost always going to cause problems. I would delete the face, select the face and then x and choose ‘only faces’ next select the loop left behind, and using an incredible add on :cool:, extrude it on z a little bit and then use the scale function with median point, do that 2-4 times depending n the kind of bulge you need. eventually can just w, merge, at center all the verts, which will leave a big pole but will probably work.

Sounds like a plan photoX B) will have a go in the morning :slight_smile:
super extrude to the rescue

Select the face, make series of inset operations (I key) moving each generated faces up along the z axis.
The number of inset operations required depends on your desired level of details.

Which look do you want, the number 1 or 2? My guess would be number 2, right?


2 Ognjen but not the rounded edges

Gday PhotoX
i did your idea it worked perfect but it came too a point it didn’t come to a round bulge
any ideas?



There are two ways to do this but one common thing for the two methods is that you need a good edge flow/topology which is a no-brainer. The first method would be to just select the center faces or vertex and to pull up with proportional edit mode enabled and then you just scale down the z axis the border edges that good curved. The second method would be to make a mesh primitive that resembles the shape of the key and select the inner vertices and pull them up and smooth them couple of tims, now you’ve got a shape that you can use for snapping the faces of your original key’s mesh onto it. Check the second layer to see what I mean by that.


While my suggestion may seem rudimentary, you need to understand that this user (as his username implies) does not have the use of his hands. To simulate his use case flip your keyboard upside down or off to the side, put your left hand under your butt, open an on screen keyboard, and use only your right index finger on your left mouse button only. I did this for about an hour; it is shockingly difficult. The simplest of blender moves can become painfully complex. Give it a shot!

I wrote an add on for him with many left button shortcuts, although bridging functionality isn’t in it yet.

Yes eppo this will be for printing so i’ll try follow beerbarrons post :slight_smile:

good way to show how I use a blender Photox it gets easier using it like that just take practice :slight_smile:

No Hands

I don"t get it eppo that doesn’t help me with how to make a bulge?

Sorry for a delay.
Bulge - smooth curvy top surface is a NURBS Surface you Add in a beginning, like if you added a Cube - here’s a quick gif - first image is NURBS Surface added, second - edited.

PS @Photox, we do read forum pages, cheers.

@NoHands, Hope helps, i can’t change how blender works much though… Tails up!

thats awesome eppo i like the gif but not sure if i could get the “perfect” effect without doing it 100x

it worked when I knifed up the face n prop edit moving the middle up is there a easier way too sub div face into smaller faces?


For the irregularly shaped, no, there’s nothing much. There’s a Grid Fill which would do if the longer edges would have been subdivided: select edge and w ->Subdivide, number times on T panel. Total vertex count around should be even number, all verts selected and one vertex needs to be active selected, command itself is on Space bar search or Ctrl-F menu. Couple of sliders on T panel allows to adjust grid.

awesome eppo if i sub div the face it suv divs all the edges evenly so that might work

I don’t get why this simple problem/thread is getting so much attention I thought I pretty much gave a brief explanation how to accomplish this. I mean, I don’t want OP to take this personally especially since it’s not only his thread that is getting way too much attention, there’s plenty other similar threads in terms of simplicity who seem to be getting or had got a loot attention while there’s ton of threads that are even unsolved without a reply for months and years now. It’s sad really, or maybe it’s just me.

Ohhh yeah, I’m not a douche-bag just so you know. And yeah, I know I’m only worsening the situation by filling this thread with a another reply.


Planet Earth…???

Are you aware what circumstances our friend No Hands is working under…???

I think You don’t…I really hope You don’t know.

No Hands Big Hands Up for You…You are AMAZING…Sorry I had to say it.

I really hope Photox can improve the addon He had made for You…:slight_smile:


Thanks Tai
photoX addon is brilliant n has helped me so much, I will put up a vid soonish showing it off for anyone else who might find it useful :slight_smile:


Ohhh man, I’m really sorry, I didn’t know. I don’t know what else to say.