Adding a cirlce in 2.5 Beta where can i change the number of vertices ???

In , previous versions of 2.5 , i could select in real time , how many vertices my cicle would have , but in 2.5 beta , i cannot see where this is defined.

Any ideas ?

Is not comming in the tools bar , nor in the properties bar.

in 2.5, when you add an object, you can access it’s properties in either the “T” toolbar, or in the F6 menu in the Viewport right after adding. I usually keep the “T” bar active, so whenever I add a new object I can quickly change it’s properties :smiley:

hope that helps!

what about 2.53 Beta? I saw the properties in 2.5 Alpha based video tutorials, but not in my 2.53 Beta. Did it move? I also had a similar situation with the spinning button in the "T"oolbar