Adding a door to a car?

Hey there!

After a hiatus of almost two years, I’m back to blending… Just for fun… :RocknRoll::smiley:

Right now I’m trying to model a simple mini van…

How should I go about modeling distinguishable doors please?

I mean, what’s the simplest way for getting there?

Just double-extruding the faces that make the door gives me a weird ‘rounded’ shape… :confused:

Here a are two pictures of my blend…

Thanks! :eyebrowlift:

Well, I would select the parts that you are wanting to make into doors and separate them for now, and then use extrusion and loop cutting to finesse the form of the doors as well as the door way.

Separate them?! Wow! That’s risky!

Ok, so I’ll try this, and I’ll post the way it will have evolved!

Thanks! :wink: