Adding a Floor in relation to a rig

This is my team’s first year learning blender, before this, we had been using 3DS Max to make all of our animations.

In 3DS Max, part of the rig when animating was that the feet would stay grounded. If the pelvis was moved down, the legs would bend with it, instead of going through the floor. I was wondering if Blender had anything similar.

I’ve been messing around with many different modifiers on both the rig, the object, and the plane I’ve set as the floor. As much as I’ve tried looking for an answer on different sites and in the user manual, none of them seem to work?

If anyone has any insight or tips as to how to solve this, it would really help my young animators out.

Thank you

if I understand you that is basic rigging with Ik constraint on the leg with targets. the targets hold the foot in place and will not move with the rest of the rig. Is that what you need? I can not find the tutorial I used to learn. maybe something here
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