Adding a GUI Panel to the Active Camera to control a 6 joint robotic arm

I am looking to add a script that will allow me to use a slider (0-360 degrees for some joints) to control the position of the robot (using armatures/bones). I want to be able to control the joints by the keyboard also. So for Joint-1 I would press key [1/!] and have that joint be active, then either numpad ‘-’ or numpad ‘+’ to control the direction. Also, the Up Arrow and Down Arrow would control all the joints’ speed percentage. If I want to start moving Joint-2, then I press key [2/@] and now I can use the numpad ‘+’ and numpad ‘-’ to control that joint and so on. but for the tool at the end, the same controls, except each time I press the activate or deactivate key, they will stay active until the other is pressed. And hopefully later being able to minimize the GUI screen to allow the user to see the full view. Also, I would like to add a menu screen that lets me make programs that can control the robot, create limits, change coordinate modes (Global, User, Tool, and Local). I would also like to have a slider that controls the overall speed of the joints. If you know how to do any of this, your help is very much appreciated.

I know this is a lot, but I really want to do this for a fun project. Also be able to learn a little about the scripting aspect of Blender.

If you have filename.blend models or text documents with script templates for examples, that will work just fine. It could just be the skeleton or bones for the robot, I’m only looking for the scripts. Or just simple cylinders linked to the armature of that segment.

There are quite a few examples that come with Blender. Change the Default layout (along the top) to Scripting. In the Text window, under the menu Templates choose one of the UI Panel templates and checkout the code. Your main focus will be to target the panel contents to the Camera context instead of the Object context.

will you accept a combination of scripting and logic bricks? I think this can actually be done with 100% logic bricks.