adding a jpg image as texture in blender 2.49a

Hi, I need to add a jpg file as a texture(F6) but when I tried to “load” the image I only can view the blender files, so I can’t get any jpg or png file, i used blender in ubuntu linux platform, my questions are:

  1. how can I add my jpg file as a texture?

  2. do i need an extra configuration in blender to accept jpg or any other graphic format as texture?

all the best

In the techture for the object, add the image. In the materials, make sure you are mapping input to colour.

If that doesn’t work post the .blend with the image packaged.

thanks, it works, but the weird is that just some part of the image got the texture, i don’t know if this problem is related to some other textures that I added by error, so my new question is:

how can I delete uneeded textures?
i tried the button “delete this link to the datablock” but in the combobox the texture’s still there

all the best