Adding a Light Panel to an Object

Using this ‘sci-fi train’ tutorial at 10:50, I ‘separate by selection’ to make the extruded portions separate for when I want make them ‘lit up’.

At 12:20, I don’t get the same results when I add material and change Principled BSDF to Emmission. I’m sure I’m following exactly how he does it, but not getting the same results.

How can I turn a face/extruded face into a glowing area?

Using Blender. 2.83

Hi, do you have a screenshot?

Did you select the separated panels and switched to the shading viewport?

Images attached.

If I go to the shading viewport, I don’t know what to do as I’m following exactly what the tutorial does. I’ve tried to add an emissions shader, but moving the ‘noodles’ around is way beyond a beginner like me!

You selected the TRAIN BODY and applied the emission shader to it…
For the Light Panel, you need to add a new Material with the emissive applied to it…
If it already had the Material assigned from when it was attached to the Body then use the “Minus” button to remove that material and then the + to add a new Emissive…