Adding a moss to a procedural bark material

Hello, I was working on a procedural material for the bark of a tree (Im terrible at materials and researched a lot of tutorials online) and I managed with the tutorials to get three good materials for the tree. However im curious if anyone knows how to add to this material some procedural noise to add moss to it.

I would like to see how you would add it to this material:

This is based on this tutorial:

If you could help me with this it would be awesome

Example of the material

I can’t take a closer look right now, but this post might helps you to get started:

They are creating a separate moss shader and then mix it with the underlying concrete. In your case that would be your bark shader.
For the mixing, I think it would be good to just start with some noise and maybe mix in the the bump of the bark so there is some relation between the bark and the moss.
If you want to go further you could take the position and normal into account to distribute the moss more locally (e.g. at the bottom or have more moss on faces that are pointed away from the sun etc.).

Thanks ill check it out!

This is the best I have seen…cycles only … He sells the Procedural Nodes but you can build it from the tutorial on You Tube …

So i made some progress!! based on your two guys tutorials they’ve been super helpful! Im still experimenting but this is what i have thus far

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@ RSEhlers

that is an interesting way to mix moss with whatever other mat

would it be possible to show a pic of the nodes set up
for mixing the different mat

happy cl

Sure! ill post the node set up once im finished tweaking a couple of things!