Adding a new Vertice on a Mac (OSX) With a single button mouse

Okay, this one is probably a dumb noobquestion, and many thanks in advance to anyone that can answer it for me… I did try to search on my own before coming here snivelling for help, but alas…

A few of the tutorials I am getting into start with creating an object, then deleting the vertices to create an “Empty”. Then you " ctrl left click" to create vertices, but that doesn’t work. So I tried to “Alt ctrl click” and nope, no vertices. I made sure I was in edit mode in vertex mode, so I thought hey maybe there is something in user preferences. So I found a “Duplicate or Extrude to cursor” but after trying a few settings, nothing seems to work…

Any ideas? Thanks again!

It’s “ctrl right click”.

The terminology “Empty” is officialy used to refer to an actual object type called empty (shift+A > Empty > Arrows for example). You are referring to removing all geometry within a default object and then manually adding geometry back into it.

Here’s what to do with a single button mouse (where the hell did you even find one of those?)

Open Blender.
Select the default cube.
[TAB] into edit mode.
[a] key to select all verts.
[m] or [alt+m] to open the Merge menu and choose “merge at center”.

That will give you a single vert at the center of the world.
Now you can use the [e] key to extrude that vert and make more verts and move them around.
It is not as fast as “extrude to cursor” but it works with a single button mouse.

Hey there! Thanks for the reply and the info! On it, thanks again!

(P.S. All Macs ship with a single button “Magic Mouse”…)

The Magic Mouse is a two button mouse just like any other.
“Right click” is on the right side of mouse. “Left click” is on the left side of mouse.

Is that the one with the charging port on the underside? :slight_smile:

Anyway, pretty much any mouse should work out of the box on the Mac - if you use the computer a lot for 3D I’d recommend getting a less … extravagant model. Preferably one with additional side buttons, too.

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can’t it also be configured to see a 2-finger tap as a right click?

I also use Mac, but I figure out some time ago it was much easier to simply buy a three button mouse.

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I believe so. I think it has multi-touch capabilities, but honestly I never really used it. I have always loved and used the Magic Trackpad, and once I started 3D I switched completely to a 3 button mouse.

Ditto! Actually Blender and 3D made me convert. :grin:

Well, for the life of me I can’t get the Mac mouse to work as a 3 button-er in Blender, so I will just buy a 3 button mouse for my Blendering. Any recommendations? Thanks!

The Logitech MX Master 3 is what I use and recommend.
It works great with OSX and Windows.

The free spin wheel function is the closet thing you’ll find to inertia scrolling that the Mac trackpads are so famous for.

I’d go to a store and try out a bunch of models. Size and shape of the body and the feel of buttons and wheels are really a matter of personal preference. Last time I did that I ended up with a vertical mouse, had never expected to warm up to one of those.

That fancy Logitech scrollwheel broke really quickly on the model I used (can’t quite recall what it was called).