How can I add a picture and leave it exactly like the file?
I’m making a dali’s picture. And in I create a new material with a texture of the type image. Then I load the .jpeg file, then I put the Xrepeat:1 and Yrepeat:1. It appears fine in the preview. But when rendering the image is not very good it is deformed.
Anyone suggestions?

I have searched the web and this forum looking for an answear, but I didn’t find anything like what I’m trying to do (wich is very simple %| )


More details, please!
What do you mean by “deformed”?
Can you post a render?

Are you trying to put the picture as a background for the render? If so, add the image texture to the world, turn on Real and Paper, and turn off Blend, then in the texture Map To panel turn on Horizon and Zenith. Then the image will be scaled to match the view.