Adding a porportion to wireframe function


I’ve been playing about with cell fracture today and came across what might be an interesting way to make trees. im not using it for this function but just an idea.

anyhoo. I was just wondering if anyone knows a way to add a proportional element to the wireframe function. like if the edge is 10m long then the thickness will be 1/20 of the size of the line so thatll mean its 0.5m

if anyone was able to write some sort of script that would do something like that id be super duper happy :slight_smile: ive looked at python a bit so think i might have the idea of how it might work but to be honest ive barely got the hang of the sound visualisers yet! im guessing it might be something like get object then insert the wireframe script but in place of the thickness part in the tool box you can enter in an equation that can do the vertexlength/20

i hope this isnt too confusing. cant think of an easier way at the moment.