Adding a prop to the Unreal 4 Mannequin

Hello, community. New guy here. I’m an animator jumping from Maya to Blender. I’m trying to rig a prop I modeled to the Unreal 4 mannequin. It’s just a basic axe with some control shapes. But when I open an empty file and link the mannequin file with the axe, if I create a proxy for the armature, I’m not able to see what I select in Pose Mode. Probably because of the way I rigged the axe, but I don’t know how to solve it.

Attached is a Print screen of the issue. I’m able to select and move the controllers but I can’t see what I have selected on the viewport. It’s like if the original armature is overlapping the proxy armature.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I tried to recreate a scene and found these ways that it would work.

You link the object you want.

You make it a “Local” so you can move it around.
(I don’t know about this proxy thing though, I will have to look it if needed).

And then you will have to check all of these settings to ensure is visible. And this is only for the solid modeling view, for material shading view is another handful of settings.

2021-01-19 08_15_31-Blender.blend
2021-01-19 08_15_39-Blender.blend
2021-01-19 08_16_00-Blender

Hi, thanks for the reply, but unfortunately that didn’t work.

About the proxy option, I was following a tutorial about how to translate the Maya animation workflow into Blender. Here’s the link:

Perhaps you can avoid proxies since they are getting deprecated. See if this other way with instanced collections can help.

Cool. I’ll give it a look. Thanks for the help

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Found the solution. As you mentioned proxies will be obsolete, so they implemented Make Library Override, which works perfectly. Again, thanks for pointing me to it

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Glad to hear that it worked.

I always avoided proxies and links, due to not being easy to use. :slight_smile:

And not only collection instances but the new upcoming asset browser, that will let you treat your objects as prefabs. Things are getting even better from now on.