Adding a radius to a Hemisphere


What is a efficient method to add a radius to a bottom of a booleaned sphere that was made into a hemisphere?



Uhm, I hope I understand the question right:
Make sure the origin is at the center as is the hemisphere was an actual whole sphere, then just adjust the scale/dimensions?

What do you mean with “radius”. In my understanding this is a distance value that defines a circle/sphere.

Minor point here - no need to use Boolean for something like that (and, no need to use it in surprisingly many situations). All you have to do is create the UVSphere, view it straight-on with Numpad-1 in Edit Mode, then Border select the bottom half and delete.

And I also agree to the idea that we need more description to understand what you want with the radius.


I want to add a radius to the bottom edge.
thanks for the line!

you mean a cap?

create a sphere and merge the lower vertices.

Quick way would be to just add a bevel modifier to the bottom edge. Add a subsurf modifier to then give a smoother appearance


rounded.blend (98.2 KB)

Thank you all for all the help!

Richard how did you get such a nice mesh on the bottom of the hemisphere?

Did you boolean to make a hemisphere or move the vertices.