Adding a Scene

I have a ship and now I want to make a new scene to see the inside of the ship, via the GE.

Heres my problem I go to Add Scene and get the following.

Link objects
Link obdata
Full copy

And now for my question which is the best choice? And once inside the ship I plan to have additional GE controls that are different form outside the ship.

I dont know much about scenes, but this is what i know

if you have an object (lets say a man) and you want it in a place (a house). make the man, then create a new scene (Empty). In the new scene, model the place you want your item to be in. When you are happy, make a new scene (Empty again). go to the object scene and select the object. Press Ctrl-L>To Scene> scene.002 or whatever you called the third scene. Go to the place where you want the guy, and do the same thing.

This helps by making the room seprate from the guy. Its simmilar to layers, just more clearly defined.

Generaly, its easier to use layers.

good luck

Thx, Storm I kinda get what you are saying. I will try it this way Ctrl-D I think that is to copy a mesh and then scale it down a bit and then copy it to another scene. and then follow your idea.