Adding a scoring system to the game

I have been trying to build a game using the delightful Blender 2.42a and its game engine.

It is a Bowling game and I have come upon a snag. I want to incorporate a scoring system. Previously the only real interest that I have had in Gamengine was to create 3D walkthoughs of buildings etc rather than to create a game, but i now have developed two distinctly different fascinations and I was wondering if there is a tutorial out there for making a decent scoring system.

i need to create scoring based upon

  1. Collision
  2. movement to a new location
  3. angle of rest of an object (Eg a skittle when it has been knocked down wont have its Z axis pointing upward!)

I was considering creating a LRP type game whith characters with swords fighting eachother, each with their own number of hit points which get diminshed based upon which weapon is used and the part of the body that the weapon hits, I am sure that some of the scoring systems that could be applicable to a bowling simulation would be applicable here too.

I need to have onscreen output (eg an object parented to the camera) for each point lost or gained.

Am I missing something really obvious?

If you don’t know how to make a text plane, you should start there. There’s a tutorial at blendingonline. Once you get that, you can set it to integer and then use actuators or python to increment or decrement.