Adding a shortcut ?

Hi !

I find adding shortcuts quite complicated in fact…

Can anybody explain me how to add a shortcut to the “Limit selection to visible” button in edit mode ?
You know, the button that makes hidden faces invisible while using solid view in EDIT MODE ?

There’ is no way i can add a shortcut there, the python doesn’t help…

In the prefs, input tab, go to the 3D view section, mesh subsection

and at the bottom click the add button. Enter the fields as in this screenshot

(but of course you should pick your own shortcut:evilgrin:)

Excellent. Thanks DruBan !

•But how did you know you had to type wm.context_toggle ?
•Why is this “space_data.use_occlude_geometry” and not “SpaceView3D.use_occlude_geometry” as the tooltip shows ?

Thanks again, I’ve spent quite a lot of time understanding how it works, and yet couldn’t… Some tools let you simply add a shortcut with RMB, others don’t ! oO

I think it’s just trial and error…

  1. Open every shortcut that comes with blender and look at the pointers
  2. have the info window open and see what is written there when you press a button or use a menu item.
  3. Ask Richard Marklew.

The last method is usually the best.

Excellent !
Yes, indeed, I’ve also noticed that he’s always around helping, an with great clarity too.

This problem is then as good as Solved.
Thanks !