adding a single vertex

Hi, is there any way to add a single vertex apart from Ctrl+click?

I’m modeling this geometric pattern(its a pattern, but its not “regular”, hence not “arrayable”, in case you’re wondering), and I need to make triangles inside a grid of concave hexagons I already made. So I select every hexagon’s vertices, snap cursor to selection, deselect all, add a new vertex with ctrl+click, snap selection to cursor, and then proceed to form the faces one by one. I was wondering if I could add a vertex without having to deselect, cause it kinda interrupts my workflow.(also if there’s a way I can make all the faces at once that’d be great too).

that would be it. simple question.


  • select every hexagon’s vertices
  • shift-d, rmb
  • alt-m -> center

thank you! Actually, despite having less “steps”, that technique is very equivalent to the one I was using. But it was educating nonetheless, thanks :slight_smile:

making faces usually depends on the project, but since you’re making trianges, Shift+F should work, if it doesn’t create the faces right, try pressing Alt+F after Shift+F filling them

Yeah. Shift-f should do the trick. Alternative is to use e (extrude), alt-m -> center in case you want the triangles to go towards the center of the hexagon.

Sorry. Read a bit badly. :wink:

uhm, doesn’t work right. But actually your suggestions(both) game me an idea. After I set the cursor, I extrude and scale to 0(with respect to the cursor)

works like a charm

be sure that if you scale them to 0 that you also merge them, or else you might get unexpected results later

I remove doubles, of course, but that I can do afterwards.