Adding a texture

(Happydud) #1

I am semi-new to blender, and can do a few things, but i cant figure out how to put a texture onto a mesh/object. I can change the colors, give it a glow, etc, but i cant put, like a picture for instance, onto it. I have been looking for a long time, but could never find a tutorial.
Please help!

(VelikM) #2

Add a material, then click the button next to the(right side)materials button, '-'add new texture just like adding a new material. Click Clouds, then go back to the materials buttons, the color of the texture is set on the right side with the rgb sliders. To add an image, in the texture buttons chose Image, click load image then choose the image you want to use and render.

(phlip) #3

the different options in texturebuttons:
Image - Loads a .JPG or .TGA as a texture
EnvMap - Used for reflection (complicated)
Clouds - creates a cloud-like texture
Wood - Stripes or rings
Marble - fancy-looking stripes
Magic - preety…
blend - fades from 1 colour to another
Stucci - only works for bump-maps
Noise - random dots

then, for all except image,stucci and magic, in material buttons there is another set of colour buttons to the right side of the materials window that controls the secondary colour of the texture.

There are also some buttons on the very right that set whether the texture:
Col - changes the main colour of the material (default)
Nor - Changes the face normal (bump-map)
Csp - Changes the Spec colour
Cmir - Changes the Mir colour
Ref/Spec/Hard/Alpha/Emit - Change the option with the same name in the left half of the window