Adding a vertex on an edge. Subdividing it is the best and only way?

Google search says subdivide, but adding a vertex like that seems to be a really cumbersome way.

  1. Switch to edge select mode
  2. Select the edge
  3. Right click, subdivide
  4. Switch to vertex select mode
  5. Press g, then the appropriate axis limiter key, then move the vertex to the desired position on the edge.

Why can’t I just click a position on the edge with a modifier key in the Edit Mode and Blender adds a vertex right there doing all the 5 steps above automatically? Do other 3D software also work this way (5 steps to add a vertex on an edge)?

You may just be able to use the Knife tool with K and cut a line across your edge where you want your new vertex to be. Press Enter and you’re done.

Edit: Sorry, I meant to link the manual page:

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But knife tool creates not just a vertex on the crossing point, but additional unwanted ones.

It’s not a one or two click operation because it’s not something you should be doing very often. You’ll find this true of most software because there’s probably a better way to approach whatever you’re trying to do.

you can also select a vertex, put your cursor on the side of the edge where you want the vertex to be created, click alt D to duplicate, then one G to slide on the edge… it’s rather quick

but yes that’s the kind of basic things I wondered when I began Blender