Adding a vertex

Hello All,
I am wondering, how do I add a vertex. for example to trace the outline of a background image, then pressing F to make a face? I have looked through some documentation however their is a lot of it :slight_smile:

Select the vertice you want it to join and hit Ctrl + LMB.

A search of this forum would have surely turned this information up.

Frustrating, isn’t it. You’d think Add>>Vertex would be on the Add menu, but it’s not there. In order to add a single vertex, add a plane, select the three vertices you DO NOT want to keep, and delete them. You’ll be left with a single vertex to work with.

Does this seem like a trick question with a trick answer? It is. Blender requires a problem solving approach, and sometimes odd solutions pop up for what seem like simple problems. This is the first one most new Blender users stumble upon, but it won’t be the last. You’ll grow to love it: keeps you thinking and on your toes, mentally. Consider it a very intriguing cross between a jigsaw puzzle and Sodoku and you’ll be fine.

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Another way…selecting a vert and shift+d will copy the vert without joining it to another (useful if you want to create an internal edge or separate mesh as part of the same object

Now, if you already have an object, it is easy to add vertices to it. In edit mode, with no vertices selected, doing Ctrl-LMB will add a vertex at the cursor location, at the same depth as the 3D cursor.

If you continue adding vertices, they will automatically be connected to the previous vertex. This comes in handy when tracing around a background image. To close the line. select the two end points and do FKey to connect them.

While playing around with these suggestions I found out that with an object or vertices selected in edit mode Ctrl+LMB creates a copy of whatever you have selected. Not what the original post asked for but thought I’d share my discovery.

Happy Blendering!!