Adding additional keyframes problem


Sorry if this has been asked already. Problem is, I’m using the book ‘essential blender’ and am trying to orbit a sphere around a larger sphere. I make 3 key-frames which is all good, but then the book suggests to make 3 more at a slightly different position ‘in-between’ the original key-frames.

So i press the k key like is suggests and when I go to move the sphere to a new position, all of the other key-frames move too. Im doing everything the book tells me.

please what am i doing wrong?

Perhaps you could try using “i” to add the keyframes?
Good luck! :slight_smile:

yeah I’m doing that.

I press k to enter key mode. set the new location with the ‘i’ key, but when i move the new positions, it moves all the old ones too.

please help.

I’musing 2.49b at the moment.

i dunno, maybe something changed between versions. I noticed the book uses 2.44.

I looked around and ended up using ADD>Curve>Bezier Circle

Then parented the smaller circle to follow the path. Seems easier to me (unless i missed something)

Am I right?